Management Team

Aaron Johnson- Fund Manager

Aaron Johnson is an experienced real estate professional who specializes in investor relations and renovation projects. Known as a keen negotiator, he has over 10+ years of experience in the real estate market and has repeatedly set the market in transitioning neighborhoods. His area of expertise is real estate investing and as a true entrepreneur, he focuses on real results. He also has 10+ years of experience as the CEO of his own company, which complements his real estate career. He has increased productivity while creating a network of relationships and earning the confidence of investors. He continuously analyzes operations to streamline performance and meet strategic objectives. He personally directs financial, budget and investment activities to fund viable projects, maximizing investments and increasing profitability. As a principal investor and manager, he assesses property values, revenue generation, market comparable and income opportunities. He is an honest, hard-working family man who does absolutely everything possible to ensure his client's successes, through major projects from the planning stage through implementation and completion.    

John Montano - Portfolio Manager

John Montano brings a diverse skill set and business experience to our team. He graduated from Pepperdine Law School and practiced law for 12 years as a trial attorney. He utilized his entrepreneurial spirit and founded a successful national direct sales company. After the real estate market crashed, he began working as an asset manager, developing a discerning eye for projects that produced large returns on investments. He has acquired or sold hundreds of these assets all across the country, working with banks, hedge funds, real estate investment trusts and private investors, developing key relationships nationwide. For the past 3 years he has been working as a portfolio manager, sourcing distressed properties for renovation for maximum profit, managing renovations and selling them on the retail market. He is committed to taking on various roles and managing a variety of people and resources for renovation projects, including acquisition, due diligence of potential projects and disposition. He currently resides in New York City and manages multiple projects there due to the incredible profit margins for the company.  

Scott Schwendiman - CPA

Scott Schwendiman is a licensed CPA in the state of Utah. He started his career working in tax with Ernst & Young, with a focus on serving clients in the Real Estate & Insurance industries. After working in tax for almost 5 years, Scott made a career change and went to work for a real estate development company, Kennecott Land. Over the course of 9 years, Scott worked in several positions including Manager of Financial Analysis, Commercial Development Manager, and Accounting Controller. His roles including development of office and retail space, leasing, land sales, accounting, budgeting & forecasting, financial analysis. This background gives Scott a unique perspective on real estate because he understands the financial and operational side of the business. Scott is currently working as the VP of Finance for a company in Utah with annual revenues exceeding $150m per year.

Darin Mangum- Securities Attorney

Darin Mangum is XYZ Group's full-time securities attorney. Mr. Mangum has extensive experience in law, business and venture finance. He is the managing member of Darin H. Mangum PLLC, a boutique corporate and securities law practice -- focusing primarily upon exempt securities offerings under Regulation D, Regulation A+, and Title III of the JOBS Act (now known as Regulation Crowdfunding) -- with offices in Texas and Utah and clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. His law practice focuses on hedge funds, asset protection, tech start-ups, real estate and corporate finance, EB-5 visa immigrant investor regional centers, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, and federal and state securities law compliance. His clients include private issuers, start-up companies, FINRA broker/dealers, venture capitalists, and individual entrepreneurs. 

Jason Khan - Advisor


Jason Khan has flipped over 100 properties in New York City over the last 15 years. He invests in single family homes and multifamily properties throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. He has a keen insight into property values and is particularly accurate predicting trends and spotting up and coming neighborhoods. He is also very talented in designing and re-imagining properties to maximize their appeal and subsequent profit. 

He has developed key relationships with asset managers who provide access to discounted inventory, as well. Jason has agreed to provide advisory and consulting services, including acquisition, design and pricing strategies to help us maximize our profits for a nominal fee. He has also provided his most trusted contractors and suppliers that he has developed over the years, eliminating trial and error for us, as well as minimizing overall costs.